About Us


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  • Our mission is to serve as the Florida economic development community's primary resource for peer connection, professional development, and advocacy.


  • FEDC is Florida’s leading organization for advancing statewide prosperity by professionalizing our field, strengthening our competitiveness, and serving as the number one source of economic development expertise in Florida.


  • Educate our members to enhance their professional expertise and inform our business and government leaders about the importance of economic, workforce, and community development for greater statewide prosperity.
  • Provide industry-leading professional development courses and certification programs
  • Develop ED 101/Bootcamp off the shelf program for elected officials and candidates to be offered at the Regional level
  • Host Annual Conference
  • Publish research, white papers, newsletters, alerts, briefings, webinars, and other communications to keep members and stakeholders informed about economic development news and issues
  • Through the Foundation, provide scholarships for state and national professional development opportunities


  • Provide leadership and advocacy for policies, initiatives, and programs that promote workforce development, job creation, investment, and greater competitiveness throughout Florida.
  • Determine legislative priorities and develop advocacy agenda
  • Develop legislator engagement and communications strategy
  • Create schedule of events for legislative engagement
  • Assess Florida regions’ competitive strengths and weaknesses and develop regional advocacy strategies to engage elected officials in addressing challenges.


  • Strengthen relationships between FEDC members and economic development stakeholders through peer networking, mentoring, regional collaboration, resource sharing and timely communication.
  • Expand and transform membership recruitment campaign
  • Develop or upgrade tools to enhance member connectivity, knowledge, and resource sharing (web site, talking points, messaging templates, marketing toolkits, webinar archives, etc)
  • Create new opportunities for facilitating member engagement, collaboration, and leadership development